Setting the standards in electric underfloor heating mats.

It is widely accepted that electric underfloor heating mats are superior to “loose” cable systems.  They are much quicker to install and have regulated cable widths, so you always get a good even heat spread with no hot or cold spots.

All our mats have a fabric backing allowing adhesives to be absorbed, thereby allowing a perfect bond between the tiles and sub-floor.

Whilst we can supply the “loose” cable on a drum for commercial applications we generally supply the interwoven mat type.  These are available in 4 different formats.  All of them are ultra slim 3 mm thick, and have a 10-year guarantee.

Electric Underfloor Heating Mats available

The STANDARD MAT with a 150 W/m² output – red cable / white netting;

The DH Mat with 150 W/m² output – black cable – for use in most applications:

The SOLE SOURCE HEATING Mat with a 200W/m² output – black cable / white netting.  This is for high heat loss areas such as conservatories;

The MATT STRETCHY – this has a variable output from 135 – 200 W/m² depending on how extended “stretched” it is when laid – gives the ability to cover the whole floor simply;

The BATHROOM Mat for use in WET ROOMS – 160 W/m² output – has double earth grid for un-paralleled safety.

Features:Electric Underfloor Heating Mat

  • Fabric backing for better installation
  • Powerful 160watts/m² output to warm even the thickest tile
  • Only one connection cable for easy installation
  • Only 3mm thick
  • Surpasses international safety standards
  • Life time guarantee
  • No electromagnetic field
  • Some mats are also available with two connections (classic mat)


Control of the Electric Underfloor Heating Mats is by use of a floor sensor. This is connected to a Programmable Room thermostat with up to 16 Amp switching capacity.