Underfloor Heating Services

At EcoHeatCool, we provide you with the best products and underfloor heating services available on the market. Our dedicated team of experts ensures that every project we undertake focuses on your specific requirements.

What type of project are you working on?

Are you currently building your dream home? Or are you renovating one of the UK’s National Heritage sites? Whatever shape, size or form your project takes, EcoHeatCool will ensure things runs smoothly. From inception through to final sign-off and beyond, we’ll take care of you. We have extensive experience supplying Underfloor Heating Services in a vast range of properties, including:

  • New Builds
  • Extensions and Renovations
  • Office Spaces
  • Public Buildings
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Heritage Sites

To learn more about our experience in any of these areas, simply get in touch today.

What services do you need?

Whether it’s an initial heat loss calculation or advice on floor construction, EcoHeatCool offer a comprehensive range of underfloor heating services. Here’s a summary of the services we can offer you:

Underfloor Heating Services

When it comes to underfloor heating, EcoHeatCool have a team of dedicated consultants to help you. From the initial planning stages for your new-build or retrofit project, a consultant will carry out heat loss calculations, advise you on the most suitable products, and help plan your installation. A specialist team of installers then carry out the work in a professional manner. Our friendly support team back at base are always on hand to help answer any additional questions you might have throughout your entire project.

Electric Underfloor Heating

If you’d like to install your own Electric Underfloor Heating, EcoHeatCool can supply you with a quality range of Electric Underfloor Heating Mats. They’re easy to order right here, direct from our online shop to your door. If you have any questions about our products, or even if you need some help with your design calculations then our support team are at hand. Simply contact us here today.

Renewable Energy Solutions

Focusing on sustainable energy solutions is a key a part of ensuring we meet our customers’ expectations. EcoheatCool offer a range of Renewable Energy Solutions to meet your requirements. This means that we can advise, plan and install a range of renewable energy solutions including:

  • Ground source Heat Pumps
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Solar Panels
  • Biomass

If you have a specific requirement then get in touch with us today to discuss it in more detail.

Heat Loss Calculations

Heat loss calculations are critical when planning an Underfloor Heating System. EcoHeatCool carry out detailed calculations that take into account a range of variables that are unique to your project. To ensure you end up with an efficient Underfloor Heating System, it’s important that we gain a careful understanding of your requirements and then design the system around those parameters. Full building parameters are accounted for, and a suitable system is designed for each bespoke application. This means that you can have confidence in knowing that once your system is installed, it will provide the levels of heating comfort that you expect.


At EcoHeatCool, we can specify the requirements of your screed floor at the planning stages, and our professional team of installers can install it for you to the highest of building standards. You can learn more about the types of screed floors here.

Floor Construction

Floor construction is an important consideration when installing a new underfloor heating system. Regardless of your floor type, Ecoheatcool can provide a custom solution for your property based on your requirements. Some of the key factors we take into consideration when advising you on your floor construction are:

– DPM (Damp Proof Membrane)
– Thermal Insulation
– Vapour Barrier
– Perimeter Edge Insulation
– Acoustic Insulation

Go here to learn more about the different types of floor construction.

Design Services / CAD Drawings

EcoHeatCool offer a full suite of design services that are used to verify heat loss calculations, maximise your layout and also provide important technical data. Our in house designers will create full installation drawings for your new underfloor heating system. This means that when our installation team turn up at your property, they’re fully prepared and equipped to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Low profile build up systems

When retrofitting underfloor heating in an existing property there can often be an issue with height build up. If this is something you’re concerned about, EcoHeatCool consultants can discuss low profile build up systems that are a perfect solution to this problem. A low profile system can be laid on top of existing flooring with the least amount of disruption, ensuring your property will still benefit from all the great advantages of Underfloor Heating.


Whether it’s a simple, straight forward basic thermostat you’re after, or the latest and greatest app for your smart phone, our consultants can help advise you. We offer a full range of Underfloor Heating Controls to suit all users, based on your unique needs and desires.

Thermal Imaging Surveys

EcoHeatCool use thermal imaging surveys as a diagnostic tool to help address any minor performance issues to ensure your system runs efficiently. In the unlikely event of an unexplained fault, thermal imaging can quickly help us identify the problem area, so a fix can be in place as soon as possible.


If you’d like to learn more about any of our services, then please contact us today to discuss your project. We can assist you in all aspects of your underfloor heating project.