Underfloor Heating Manifolds are the prime component in all underfloor heating system. At EcoHeatCool our engineers have spent over 30 years working with Underfloor Heating Manifold manufacturers to ensure you are supplied with the most reliable and effective manifolds available.

The Underfloor Heating Manifold is the heart of any floor heating system. Together with your heating control system, it is responsible for controlling the flow of water to various zones throughout the building. This advanced control ensures your comfort no matter where you are, or what you are doing. A common example of how this is used used in most homes is that sleeping areas are often much cooler than regular living spaces.

EcoHeatCool offers a wide range of controllers to all of our underfloor heating manifolds. If you would like to find out more about Underfloor Heating Controllers, please checkout our Underfloor Heating Controls article.

Underfloor Heating Manifolds

The type of manifold used for your Underfloor Heating Manifold Installation will depend on a number of factors.

  • The size of the area you want to heat.
  • The buildings physical characteristics.
  • The number of heating zones you require.
  • How you intend to use your heating or cooling system.

At EcoHeatCool we create bespoke designs for all of our customers, ensuring we meet your exact requirements. Every project is individually designed – we take into consideration the building in which the underfloor heating is being installed, together with your lifestyle requirements. Just installing pipe into a floor construction and connecting it to a manifold will NOT provide you with an effective solution. Our experienced team of engineers provide individual heat loss calculations to ensure the design meets your every need, because we believe “Underneath it all, there’s Trust”.

Underfloor Heating Manifold Actuators

Key components of the manifold include the Underfloor Heating Manifold Actuators, the Mixing Valve and the Circulation Pump.  The actuators are used where individual zone control is required fundamental in maintaining your comfort levels.  These open and close the flow to individual areas when the demand requires.

Hot water enters the manifold is passed through various valve arrangements which regulate the supply to an acceptable temperature for the floor conditions.  This is done by mixing it with the returning cooler water and increasing its temperature incrementally.  When required the valve will allow a further injection of hot water from the source.

A high efficiency, A-rated circulation pump is used; it keeps the whole system circulating and allows the mixing process to take place.


Underfloor Heating Manifold Installation

There are two common types of underfloor heating manifold installation, a distribution manifold and a mixing manifold.  The distribution manifold is generally used with Heat Pumps or where pre-control of the heated water has taken place.  The mixing manifold will take hot water at any  temperature and then through the valve arrangement reduce that temperature to a useable one.

Once we have determined the type of manifold you need we then look at where it should be located.  Ideally this is in as central a position as possible to allow the heating tube to spread out evenly in all directions.  For some the manifold will be a feature piece, for others we secrete it away in a cupboard, typically under a staircase or in a plant room.  Once fixed to the wall our installer run the tube loops into relevant rooms. The flow and return pipes are connected to the manifold and a pressure test on completion, confirms all is well.