Underfloor Heating Controls & Thermostats

Do you like the feeling of knowing you’re in control?

Underfloor Heating Controls

Underfloor heating controls and thermostats have developed significantly in recent years. Gone are the thermostats of yesteryear that required manually adjusting a classical analogue dial. Today’s controls look very different. The latest and greatest smart devices on the market today allow you to control your heating from anywhere in the world.

At EcoHeatCool we can customise your home heating solution to your exact requirements – making sure you’re always in control.

Are you the type of person who loves getting their hands on the latest technology? Then you’re going to want the most current smart phone or touch screen controlled system there is.

Perhaps you like to keep things a little simpler, but still functional? Then our latest dial controls will be right up your street.

Whatever your requirements, simply get in touch with one of our experienced consultants who can talk you through some options, and help create a tailored solution that works for you.

Smart Underfloor Heating Controls

Our underfloor heating control systems use the latest technologies, and can be easily integrated with your smart devices, whether it be a smartphone or a watch.

At EcoheatCool, we can offer you a full end-to-end underfloor heating control solution that incorporates your new underfloor heating system and if required, any existing radiators or electrical appliances.

Apple Home Kit

SMART Underfloor Heating ControlssEcoHeatCool offer the Heatmiser neo controls that can be used with the Apple Home Kit.

This innovative system delivers outstanding control on the move, directly from a smartphone or tablet when paired with the neoHub. You may feel further reassured to know that accessories such as the neoHUB have been rigorously tested by Apple themselves, to ensure you have the best user experience.

Neo offers the convenience of controlling a property’s heating and hot water at any time, and from any location. It’s as easy as installing an app on your mobile device. You will be amazed by how easy it is to have access to your multi zone heating system from your Smartphone.

Here are some smart features of the neoHUB that can make your home even smarter, when paired with the Apple Home Kit:

  • you can control your heating and hot water from your smart phone with ease, and even ask Siri for assistance
  • you can use multi-zone smart control to control temperatures in different areas or rooms in your property
  • you can set up smart automation rules, so your system keeps getting smarter in line with your lifestyle – it will know what you want, and when you want it
  • you can use Geo location technology to lower energy costs, by programming your system to automatically lower the temperature when the last person leaves

These are just a highlight of some of the innovative features.

To learn more, go here, or call us today if you’d like to speak to a member of the team.

Wireless Underfloor Heating Controls

One of the main advantages of modern wireless underfloor heating controls is that you no longer need to channel cables into your wall to control or power these devices. It’s now possible to use wireless technology, allowing us to mount underfloor heating thermostats and controls without unsightly cables or additional inconvenience.

EcoHeatCool can offer underfloor heating, hot water, and radiator heating control systems that provide you with the ideal solution to ensure your comfort wherever and whenever you need it.

Contact EcoHeatCool today for more information.

Underfloor Heating Thermostats

Underfloor heating thermostats are an eco-friendly and cost-effective way for you to save money and create a healthy and comfortable environment for your family and loved ones at home, or your work force back in the office.

Underfloor heating thermostats can ensure that the zones you are controlling are heated to the perfect temperature, making sure you experience the ultimate comfort and well-being in your property.

Whether you’re installing your own underfloor heating system with electric underfloor mats, or having EcoHeatCool install a full wet system in your home, we have a range of options to suit your requirements.

Some key functions across the range include:

  • temperature hold features that offer regulated temperature so you’re always comfortable
  • holiday mode for when you’re on that well-earned break
  • frost protection for icy winter mornings to make sure your system is kept in safe working order
  • fully programmable modes to make thinking about your underfloor heating effortless

We offer a variety of thermostat options from simple dial thermostats to more advanced smart solutions that include Geolocation functionality.

Remember, not only can our thermostats control your new underfloor heating system, but EcoHeatCool can also incorporate any existing electric heat or radiator sources in different areas of your property.

Learn more about the features of our underfloor heating thermostats here.

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