What are the key benefits of Underfloor Heating?

Are you building a new residential or commercial property? Or are you considering retrofitting an existing property? Either way, you’ll be pleased to know there are a multitude of underfloor heating benefits. Demand from consumers for underfloor heating continues to rise. As such, property developers are introducing it as standard to attract more affluent buyers. You can read more about how EcoHeatCool recently installed Underfloor Heating in over 100 new builds here.

It’s worth getting familiar with the following benefits if you’re considering underfloor heating:

Comfort & Well being

Underfloor Heating is the most comfortable form of heating that you can install in your home. It’s the ultimate luxury of heat under the tips of your toes. Underfloor heating system works via radiant heat which results in less air movement. Traditional radiators heat via convection, which in comparison, causes draughts. With underfloor heating, you can relax in a draught free home for the ultimate experience of comfort and wellbeing especially on those cold winter nights.

Health Benefits

Underfloor heating can provide significant health benefits for people with respiratory problems such as Asthma. Because there are less draughts with underfloor heating, then dust isn’t blown around your room. Less dust means less dust mites. This is great news for anyone, but especially if you or a loved one suffer from Asthma or another form of respiratory disease.

There’s further good news if you’re an arthritis sufferer. Because underfloor heating works from the ground up, the warmth goes through your joints. In many instances, this warmth can help reduce pain associated with arthritis. This is especially true if you tend to experience arthritis in your feet, ankles or legs.

Another health and wellbeing benefit might not be so obvious, but it’s very real. Traditional radiators can be a potential risk when they’re scalding hot. Especially when it comes to the elderly, or young babies on the move. Underfloor heating removes this risk, making your home a much safer place.

Cost Effective

Underfloor heating isn’t as expensive as you might think. Even with all of these benefits to account for. It’s a very competitive market which is good news if you’re considering installing underfloor heating. Although EcoHeatCool have very competitive pricing, we continue to supply a far superior quality system. You can learn more about the 5 key considerations when it comes to the cost of installing underfloor heating in this post.


A major benefit of underfloor heating is the ability to configure your system in a way that suits your needs. Installation can be carried out to maximise the key benefits very efficiently. Whether you’re installing a new ground source heat pump, or would like to connect to an existing gas boiler; EcoHeatCool’s Underfloor Heating Systems are designed and configured to meet your specific requirements.


Climate change has become a reality. As such, most people have started taking more notice of the environment. At EcoHeatCool, we’re doing our bit for the planet and believe in providing you with some of the most sustainable heating solutions in today’s market.

Underfloor heating systems don’t require high temperatures to heat your room, which make them much more energy efficient. This reduces the amount of energy you use and will mean you spend less heating your home or office. There are a range of sustainable energy solutions when it comes to underfloor heating. In addition, underfloor heating uses a lot less copper than standard radiator heating systems, thereby reducing the environmental footprint.


With water running through tubes buried under your floor, wouldn’t you want the best quality tube? EcoHeatCool use a tube that resists kinking and won’t snap, or even be prone to easy damage. Our manifolds (distribution units) are manufactured with attractive nickel plated brass. They’re so attractive, that many people display theirs as a feature in the room. Our manifolds are secured and supplied with quality fittings. We provide only quality products so your new system will stand the test of time.


At EcoHeatCool, we offer a 25 year guarantee on our pipes because we truly believe they’re the best.  The pipe in question has been specially developed for use in heating systems. It’s made of PE (polyethylene) in multi-layers. Within those layers is the oxygen diffusion layer. This prevents oxygen from entering the system and causing rust.  It’s extremely flexible, can be bent cold and has low vulnerability to damage during construction. That’s why we’re so confident when it comes to standing by our products. This means you can be certain of longevity when it comes to your new system.

What are you waiting for?

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to consider. We hope you’ll decide to have an underfloor heating system installed in your property. Whether it’s for comfort, health benefits or doing your bit for the planet, get in touch with EcoHeatCool today. A member of our professional staff will be more than happy to speak with you about how EcoHeatCool can help make your home or office a more comfortable place.