WTH/Thermofloor Manifold – Secondary Valve Insert

WTH/Thermofloor Manifold – Secondary Valve Insert

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  • 1/2″ brass secondary insert valve for WTH Manifolds.
  • Compatible with WTH Manifolds (RED Manifold)
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The WTH Manifold Secondary Valve Insert is used on WTH manifolds in combination with an electronic actuator to regulate the flow of water and therefore the temperature of the associated underfloor heating zone.


  • 1/2″ brass secondary insert valve for WTH Manifolds.

WTH Manifold Secondary Valve Installation Guidance

  1. Isolate the manifold and depressurise the Underfloor Heating System by bleeding the manifold.
  2. To replace the WTH Secondary Valve Insert you will first need to remove the actuator head to expose the valve.
  3. The WTH Secondary Valve Insert can be removed using the correct sized open end / ring spanner.
  4. Once the valve has been removed we recommend that you ensure the water is clean and free from of corrosion and limescale. If corrosionĀ  or limescale is found in the underfloor heating system we recommend you flush the system and replenish it with an appropriate inhibitor such as SentinelĀ  X100 Inhibitor.
  5. Replace the secondary insert and nip tight (do not over tighten).

Note: When replacing insert valves we recommend that you always replenish Inhibitors in the Underfloor Heating System.

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