Straight replacement secondary thermostatic valve with protection cap and male connections (without fittings)

This is a direct replacement valve for the existing WTH secondary valve (connecting the blue pipes to the manifold) on a Red WTH/Thermofloor Manifold.

These new valves can be directly substituted for the existing valve (orange cap/insert).

The NEW Replacement Secondary Valve has an improved through flow rate and by using an indirect valve pin they remove the possibility of water leakage through the pin.  This greatly reduces sticking and seizing of the actuator pin.

PLEASE NOTE:  When using these valves it will be necessary to replace the electrical actuator head as well, the exiting actuators do not fit.  The correct actuator has a white collar


NEW Replacement Secondary Valve – Installation Guidance

  1. Isolate the manifold and depressurise the Underfloor Heating System by bleeding the manifold.
  2. To replace the WTH Manifold Secondary Valve you will first need to remove the Actuator to expose the valve.
  3. The OLD (orange cap/insert) WTH Secondary Valve Insert can be removed using a correct sized open end spanner – undo the euro-cone pipe connection leaving the fitting on the pipe for re-use.
  4. Undo the nut holding the valve to the manifold.  Retain this nut to use with the NEW replacement secondary valve.  Remove and discard the old valve.
  5. Once the valve has been removed we recommend that you ensure the water is clean and free from of corrosion and limescale. If corrosion or limescale is found in the underfloor heating system we recommend you flush the system and replenish it with an appropriate inhibitor such as Sentinel  X100 Inhibitor.
  6. Insert the NEW Replacement secondary valve in the exact position of the old valve ensuring THE ARROW POINTS UPWARDS and tighten the upper nut.
  7. Re-position the UFH pipe and euro-cone fitting into the lower part of the valve and tighten (do not over tighten).
  8. After fitting the new valve it may be necessary to re-balance the remaining valves (unless all have been replaced) as the new valve has a higher flow rate.
  9. If there was an existing thermal actuator head on this loop of pipe this will need to be replaced with the new WHITE COLLAR actuator

Note: When replacing WTH Manifold flow control valves we recommend that you always test / replenish Inhibitors in the Underfloor Heating System.