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    Smart Underfloor Heating Controls - neoHub Smart Underfloor Heating Controls - neoHub

    Underfloor Heating Control – neoHub

    £259.19 £127.20 inc. VAT
    Warranty: 2 Year Direct Manufacturer Warranty

    Key Features & Benefits

    • System Gateway for Neo
    • Control up to 32 Rooms
    • App Controllable (Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone)
  • Features and Benefits:

    • Electric Underfloor Heating Remote Probe Floor Sensor
    • 3 meters (Extendable upto 20 meters)
    • Used as Air or Floor Sensor
    • Waterproof
    • 5mm Probe Diameter
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    Underfloor Heating Thermostat neoStat-e - Rear underfloor heating thermostat neoStat-e

    Underfloor Heating Thermostat – neoStat-E

    £76.00 £66.00

    Features & Benefits

    • Stunning design incorporating soft touch keys
    • Non Programmable, 5/2 Day, 7 Day and 24 Hour Programming
    • Power Supply: 230v AC
    • Air, Air & Floor, Floor Only Sensing Modes
    • 3 Meter Remote Floor Sensor
    • 5 Minute Program Intervals
    • Self Learning Optimum Start
    • 4 Comfort Levels / Times per Day
    • Holiday Facility
    • Automatic Blue Back Light (Turns off after 30 seconds)
    • Flush Mounting
    • C/F Selectable
    • Key Code Facility
    • Frost Protection
  • Warranty: 2 Year Direct Manufacturer Warranty

    Key Features & Benefits

    • Blue back-lit Touchscreen
    • Supplied with a 3 Meter Remote Floor Probe
    • Heating: Weekday/Weekend or 7 Day Programming (Selectable in Software)
    • Holiday Function
    • Hold Function
    • Automatic blue back-light (Turns off after 30 seconds)
    • Flush mounting
    • °C / °F Selectable
    • Key Locking Facility
    • Frost protection with adjustable temperature setting.

    Compatible with Slimline-RF and Touch RF Thermostats Compatible with RF Switch to give a Wireless Boiler Link Central wiring for up to 8 zones Output for underfloor heating valve and pump activated when any thermostat calls for heat Wireless Fail Safe Function

Underfloor Heating Thermostats & Controls

At EcoHeatCool we can customise your home heating solution to your exact requirements – making sure you’re always in total control.

SMART Underfloor Heating Thermostats

Our full range of  thermostats and controls offer the latest features available in home automation and SMART underfloor heating controls.

These SMART solutions integrate with all the latest mobile devices and have been rigorously tested by Apple allowing full integration with Apples Home Kit Technologies.

Don’t want to run new cables? No problem…

With our range of WIFI Underfloor heating thermostats we can provide you with a totally wireless setup. Allowing a low cost hassle free setup while providing you with maximum comfort.